Lakeside saunas

For Lake Resort residents

Lake side saunas and accommodation

If you haven’t yet booked accommodation at Lake Resort, please make a reservation and the additional sauna yard services through our booking system. You can also check the general price list for the sauna yard on another page.

Public shift

The beach and pier of the sauna yard are freely available daily from 7am to 4pm for Lake Resort residents. It is also possible to use them after 4pm if the sauna yard has not been reserved for a private event, subject to availability.

Sauna package costs 20€ per accommodation for the entire duration of the stay.

The sauna package includes the use of the sauna yard’s beach, pier/hole in the ice, changing rooms, showers, and saunas during the public session from 7am to 4pm. You can pay for the sauna package either during the booking process or by using MobilePay when you first visit the beach sauna. The MobilePay QR code can be found in the cottage. If MobilePay is not available to you, we can also use other payment methods. Please contact the sales service if needed

Book for private use

Lake Resort residents have the option to reserve the sauna yard for private use from 4pm to 11pm (or 12am) after the public session has ended.

Price list

The Barrel Sauna for private use costs 30€ for 2 hours, while the Milk Pier Sauna for private use costs 20€ for 2 hours.