Lakeside saunas

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From the Lakeside saunas, you can find various saunas to suit every taste, a large warm hot tub, and a hut for hosting indoor events for up to 30 people. An even bigger event can be organized on the 200 m2 terrace of the sauna yard. While enjoying the sauna, you can also take a dip in the lake or the winter-time ice hole located at the end of the pier. Customers also have access to free Wi-Fi.

View sauna

The soft steam from the always-ready stove and the view of the lake through the window relax both the mind and body. Here, the rush of everyday life is forgotten, and one can simply enjoy their surroundings.

During the sauna session, you can take a refreshing dip in the lake or winter-time ice pool. Afterward, you can cool off on the sauna terrace, enjoying the peace and beauty of nature.

The View Sauna is the main sauna at the Sauna Courtyard, and it has separate dressing and washing rooms as well as male and female restrooms. Since the sauna room is communal, we kindly ask that swimwear be worn.

Barrel sauna

The barrel shape of the sauna makes the steam particularly good. In addition to the sauna room, this sauna also has its own dressing room and terrace. The sauna can accommodate 3-5 bathers at a time.

The sauna, located on a slope, offers stunning views of the lake, sauna courtyard, and pier, all of which are also available for your use.

The continuously heated wood-burning stove is easy to heat up following the instructions provided. It only takes a moment to heat the sauna to the appropriate temperature. Firewood and kindling are readily available in the sauna. The sauna heating time is included in the rental period.

The price includes a private dressing room, shower, and toilet for the group. Additionally, the use of the View Sauna, the sauna courtyard terrace, and the pier are included in the reservation. Please note that the View Sauna, terrace, and pier may be shared with a possible reservation for the Milk Parlour Sauna.

We kindly ask that swimwear be worn when moving around the sauna courtyard or going swimming. Otherwise, the sauna’s own separate dressing room and terrace offer privacy in this sauna.

Milk dock sauna

A nice small sauna to enjoy with friends for a longer time. Two opposing benches that can accommodate 4-6 people at a time. The continuously heated wood-burning stove quickly heats up the sauna and provides just the right amount of steam that one desires.

The renter is responsible for using and heating the sauna. Firewood and kindling are readily available in the sauna for immediate use. The heating time is included in the rental period.

The price includes a private dressing room, shower, and toilet for the group. In addition, the rental includes the use of the viewpoint sauna, terrace, and pier in connection with the dressing room. Note that the view sauna, terrace, and pier may be shared with a possible reservation for the barrel sauna.”

Large hot tub

A stunning large hot tub integrated into Saunapiha’s terrace. It has a capacity of 2500 liters and can accommodate up to 12 people at once. Entry to the tub is made easy from all four sides.

Consuming refreshments in the hot tub is allowed. To avoid accidents, drinking from glass bottles and cups is prohibited.

The automatic temperature control ensures safe, comfortable, and consistent water temperature. The water is changed and the tub is cleaned after each group’s use.

The filtration system ensures water cleanliness throughout the entire reservation.

We recommend wearing swimwear.

Beach and swimming

Lakeside saunas are located right by the lake. You can experience a beach holiday atmosphere on the sandy beach. The beach is sunny throughout the afternoon and evening.

The beach is quite steep, so it is not suitable for small, non-swimming children to play in the water. The large pier is sturdy and it is nice to spend a summer day or cool off on the pier benches during a sauna break. The best way to get to the water for swimming is via the dock.

The lake is surrounded by ridges and hills, so the area is quite sheltered from the wind and it is good to engage in activities such as swimming, water jogging, stand-up paddleboarding, and rowing. In winter, ice swimming is also possible.


The Lakeside Saunas has a large hut that can accommodate up to 30 people at a time. The kota is rented with catering, and for a large group, it serves as a nice gathering and party space alongside the sauna even in bad weather. You can spend the evening here until midnight. You are allowed to bring your own drinks to the hut and sauna yard, or alternatively, we can arrange serving and drinks for your meal/party. If you are interested in renting the kota without catering, please discuss it separately with our sales service.


Terrace. Walking around the lakeside saunas is comfortable even barefoot. The terrace features a picnic area where you can grill your own food on a wood-fired grill or order meals for your group, which we can prepare on-site using a paella pan, campfire, or grill. For parties and events, the terrace area can also be covered with a tent in case of inclement weather. Bringing your own drinks and food is allowed on the terrace and in the kota, or alternatively, we can arrange for drinks and beverages that suit your needs during meals and gatherings.